Plan formativo Diálogo Social y Negociación Colectiva 2022/23

Estás en: Idioma avanzado: INGLÉS B1

Idioma avanzado: INGLÉS B1

Adquiere conocimientos que permitan expresarte en diferentes situaciones a un nivel de inglés avanzado


Inicio de curso: 10-04-2023

Fin de curso: 06-07-2023

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  • Ser capaz de expresarse con relativa facilidad tanto en situaciones cotidianas como en situaciones menos cotidianas y que requieren de una mayor complejidad en la estructuración de mensajes.
  • Realizar actividades prácticas expresión e interacción oral.
  • Expresar con fluidez una descripción sencilla de una variedad de temas que sean de su interés,presentándolos como una secuencia lineal de elementos.


1. 1.Rock band. 2.We´re going to play at the festival. 3.“Dark Night”. 4.How long does it take? 5.Travel Blog.

2. 1.Camping in the countryside. 2.Cut that wire. 3.Camping rules. 4.Free time. 5.Life outside. 6.Welcome to the Happry Hostel.

3. 1.You´re not on the list. 2.Why don´t you come in? 3.I think they like us. 4.What should you do if…? 5.The mysterious man.

4. 1.Let me buy you a drink. 2.Shouldn´t I? 3.I fell ill. 4.Your ideal job. 5.Radio food programme.

5. 1.I´m planning to go to Los Angeles. 2.What has happened here? 3.Your plans in life. 4.Road signs. 5.Let´s get a takeaway. 6.Shopping for gifts.

6. 1.Falling in love. 2.The bill is wrong. 3.African – American writers. 4. Advice column.

7. 1.Saying goodbye to the band. 2.I´ll keep in touch. 3.I´ll call you. 4.What will happen? 5.Virtual world.

6.Commuting and public transport. 7.Commuting and public transport. 8.Technology and friendship.

8. 1.Getting married.2.Who shall we invite? 3.Go ahead. 4.Superstitions. 5.The official witness.

9. 1.What a marvellous surprise! 2.What if…? 3.You hardly know him.4.The woman who… 5. Agatha Christie.

10. 1.I can offer you a job. 2.I owe you one. 3.I made biscuits. 4.Making calls. 5.Job training.

11. 1.A new barman. 2.Take it easy. 3.You´ll play on this stage, will you? 4.Friendship. 5.Being an artista. 6.Tropical wedding.

12. 1.Dreaming of becoming famous. 2.Weddings. 3.I can´t get home. 4.At the hotel. 5.At the clinic. 6.The taste of love. 7.Sports, customs and etiquette.


1. 1.Doing market research. 2.At the sports centre. 3.The bus route. 4.Work and leisure. 5.The music gym.

2. 1.Remembering old times. 2.Future parents in – law. 3.Country house for sale. 4.Sports. 5.Time to exercise. The fitness instructor.

3. 1.Making plans for holidays. 2.A ticket to Edinburgh. 3.The list of things to do. 4.The cruise.

4. 1.A fortnight in Austria. 2.It´s a beatiful day. 3.Plans for the new year. 4.This time yesterday.5.Planning the competition.

5. 1.Housework. 2.Before travelling. 3.May I go out now? 4.Modern life and society. 5.Email to an au pair.

6. 1.What´s on? 2.Village of the future.3.Shall we spend the day in the countryside? 4.Housing. 5.Health and Sports. 6.Interview with an inventor.

7. 1.Plans for a year out. 2.A long way to equality. 3.A radio panel game. 4. We have to send the invitations. 5.Coming to conclusions. 6.Weather conditions. 7.The eco-friendly future.

8. 1.Looking for a temporary job. 2.Spoil yourself! 3.If were you… 4.Houses. 5.Opening a hotel chain. 6.Job Interview.

9. 1.Working with animals. 2.A solitary child. 3.I have not seen him for ages. 4.Conditions. 5.Building a bear sanctuary.

10. 1.It´s a bargain! Making a complaint. 2.A very good read. 3.An amazing concert. 4.Technology.5.The after-sales package.

11. 1.Hey, that´s swell! 2.He was no stranger to me. 3.Have you heard about her son? 4.Why don´t you show me around? 5.Using your judgement. 6.The press. 7.When I became a journalist…

12. 1.You are only young once, mum! 2.Welcome to university. 3.I´m afraid I have to complain.4.Good to be alive. 5.We´ve made it to the van. 6.People, Passports, planet. 7.Barbados

  • Presidentes y Directivos de Empresas, Secretarios Generales, Presidentes y Gerentes de Asociaciones Empresariales.
  • Responsables y técnicos de departamentos de Recursos Humanos, Abogados, Asesores y demás agentes implicados y con participación activa en los procesos de diálogo social y negociación y gestión o intermediación laboral de las empresas.

  • Diploma acreditativo emitido por CEIM y la entidad de formación colaboradora.

  • Los alumnos aptos tendrán la posibilidad de realizar la certificación TOEIC.

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