Plan formativo Diálogo Social y Negociación Colectiva 2022/23

Estás en: Idioma intermedio: INGLÉS A2

Idioma intermedio: INGLÉS A2

Adquiere conocimientos que permitan expresarte en diferentes situaciones a un nivel de inglés intermedio


Inicio de curso: 10-04-2023

Fin de curso: 06-07-2023

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  • Aprender conceptos a nivel intermedio en inglés.
  • Aprender vocabulario en idioma inglés que permita mantener una conversación.
  • Mantener una conversación en inglés.
  • Realizar actividades prácticas de expresión e interacción oral.


1. 1.What a mess! There was a party. 2.There was an amchair. 3.Were you at work this morning? 4.A fiat to rent. 5.Your Home.

2. 1.Clithes shopping. 2.Last night. 3.The catalogue. 4.Let´s compare.

3. 1.How was your day? 2.Better or worse. 3.What did you do last Saturday. 4.What yoy did yesterday.

4. 1.Going back to England. 2.What is he doing? 3.What´s the matter? 4.What are you doing?

5. 1.The fortune taller. 2.He is ging to work at home. 3.What are you doing nowadays? 4.What are you going to do? 5.At work.

6. 1.Returning to work. 2.This outfit matches. 3.Hight days and holidays. 4.Holidays on-board.

7. 1.Planning a party. 2.She´s hosting a party. 3.Home and seasons. 4.American barbecue. 5.Being at home.

8. 1.Patterns. 2.Pieces os clothing. 3.Clothes and fabrics. 4.Apparel. 5.My new outfit.

9. 1.At the clothing shop. 2.At the clothing shop. 3.Colours, fabrics and accessories. 4.Refund and Exchange policy. 5.Trying clothes.6.Clothes shopping.

10. 1.Animals. 2.Nature. 3.A scenic holiday.

11. 1.Supermarket. 2.Sections at the supermarket. 3.How much does it cost? 4.What do we need from the supermarket.

12. 1.In a restaurant. 2.Chores andemotions.3. Fast food.


1. 1.Buying the perfect camper. 2.Vehicles. 3.The car doesn´t work. 4.Menas of transport.

2. 1.On holiday. 2.We´re off. 3.Living under extreme conditions. 4.Travel.

3. 1.Let´s go to the isle of wight. 2.How long has she lived in London. 3.International human rights.4.Movement.

4. 1.Having a breakdown. 2.Fabrics. 3.Dry cleaner´s. 4.Have you ever.

5. 1. See you at home. 2.Whta is it made of. 3.I don´t remenber the Word in English. 4.Places and people.

6. 1.She´s left me. 2.Going to England. 3.Glastonbury. 4.Enterteiment industry.

7. 1.Camping adventures. 2.Training for the marathon. 3.You now ambition counts. 4.Carpentry as a hobby.

8. 1.Types of shoes. 2.Purchasing a pair of shoes. 3.These shoes are broken.

9. 1.Booking a hotel room. 2.Booking a hotel room. 3.What amenties does the resert have? 4.What amenties does the resort have?. 5.The hotel receptionist. 6.The Grand Canyon and the Great Lakes.

10. 1.Tourist information. 2.Tourist information. Vocabulary practice. 3.Itineraries. 4.Highland park. 5.Visitors insurance. 6.Visitors insurance. 7.Tourism.

11. 1.What does my cruise include? 2.Booking a raulway ticket. 3.Booking a railway ticket. 4.Reporting lost property. 5.Reporting lost property..6.Tourit customer care.

12. 1.Clothes chopping. Typical situation. 2.Weather. 3.Outdoor atmosphere. 4.Frozen fun.

  • Presidentes y Directivos de Empresas, Secretarios Generales, Presidentes y Gerentes de Asociaciones Empresariales.
  • Responsables y técnicos de departamentos de Recursos Humanos, Abogados, Asesores y demás agentes implicados y con participación activa en los procesos de diálogo social y negociación y gestión o intermediación laboral de las empresas.

  • Diploma acreditativo emitido por CEIM y la entidad de formación colaboradora.

  • Los alumnos aptos tendrán la posibilidad de realizar la certificación TOEIC.

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